Name Kathya - Meaning of Children

Name Kathya - Meaning of Children

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Meaning of the name:

Name derived from Catherine, Kathya comes from the Greek term kataros which means "pure".


Still no celebrity members of the name Kathya, maybe your youngest will be?

Catherine of Alexandria or St. Catherine is a martyr virgin of the third century. Condemned for her faith, she was tortured and decapitated around 320. St. Catherine is the patron saint of philosophers and teachers because of her eloquence and erudition before the judges.

His character :

Kathya has a strong personality. She never lets herself be turned on her feet. Intelligent and confident, she knows how to impose her ideas. In addition, Kathya is an active person and a go-getter. Dynamic and full of energy, she has the incessant need to be physically active.
Kathya easily befriends others through her kindness and generosity. Kathya is, among others, a great adventurer with a conquering spirit.


Kathie, Kattia, Catie, Kattie, Kathya, Cathya, Cathia, Catia, Katya, Cathie, Katie and Katia.

His party :

People named Kathya are honored on April 29th or December 25th.

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