Kahina Meaning - Origin and Names

Kahina Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Greeks, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

In Arabic culture, the name "Kahina" is a symbol of "bravery" and "heroism".
In the Hebrew culture, the name "Kahina" is likened to the word "cohen", which translates as a priest.
In Greek culture, the name "Kahina" comes from the term "karina", which means "pure".


Algerian volleyball players Kahina Bounab and Kahina Messaoudene, French actress Kahina Carina, actress Kahina Hadjadj, singer-pianist Kahina Ouali ...

His character :

An inveterate worker, Kahina is distinguished by her sense of discipline and priorities. Sometimes lacking tact in her words, she may seem aggressive. She is intolerant vis-à-vis colleagues not performing their duties. His frankness is sometimes disconcerting. However, even though Kahina feels very committed to her work, she tries hard to devote time to her loved ones.
Outside the office, Kahina turns out to be a good living. Friendly and fun, she amazes with her cheerfulness and sense of humor. She inspires his entourage and his company is always pleasant. Kahina also gives special importance to her inner life. From time to time, she takes a little distance to ponder and take stock of her life. The course of reflection passed, she returns to her usual occupations with motivation. Ambitious and determined, Kahina will not skimp on the efforts to achieve her ends.


Kaina, Kayna, Chaina, Kahyna, Kahena, Caina, Cahina, Chahina ...

His party :

There is no special date for people named "Kahina".

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