Name Joran - Meaning and origin

Name Joran - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Germanic, Greek

Meaning of the name:

Joran is a medieval male given name that comes from two Germanic terms: "Gauz" and "Hramm", which mean "God" and "Raven" respectively. This first name may also mean "farmer" in some cultures.
In Greek, Joran is a variant of "George" and a variant of the American given name "Jorell". It seems that "Jorell" is intimately inspired by the name of Superman's father, "Jor-El". In Scandinavia, "Joran" and "Joren" are similar, but spelled differently.


No known Joran yet ... your little boy may be.

St. George, patron saint of England, was a valiant knight who fought a dragon, symbolic of the devil. Joran Cariou is a composer, pianist and arranger who plays several instruments and presents himself on stage. Joran van Pol is a radio host and DJ. Joran Le Corre is, for 16 years, the programmer of the music festival Panoramas. Joren Vandeweyer is a spokesperson for Foreign Affairs.

His character :

Joran has a jovial, open and very generous character. A real ray of sunshine. Ambitious, he had where he wants to go and go straight! Frank, honest, he is also a real go-getter who never lets his feet go or deviate from his path ...


Jorian, Joren Joron ...

His party :

We celebrate the Joran on May 28th.

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