Your 7 prenatal visits

Your 7 prenatal visits

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Seven in number according to the code of health, these exams punctuate your pregnancy. A combination of technical acts and listening moments, they ensure you an adequate follow-up for your health and that of your future baby.

Appointment for the first antenatal visit

It is no doubt emotional that you will go to this meeting. This first interview will confirm the pregnancy, explain the chronology, know your family life, establish a complete medical assessment and provide the necessary examinations.

The visit of the 1st trimester.

Your three appointments for the second trimester

After the first trimester examination, the pace of surveillance accelerates and increases to one visit per month. This quarter, three visits are waiting for you. The details with Francine Dauphin, midwife.

2nd quarter visits.

Your three appointments for the 3rd trimester

Another three months and your baby will be there ... but, by the way, how is he? Each month, the prenatal visit is an opportunity to take stock of its development, health, well-being ... and yours. This quarter, three more appointments in your agenda.

3rd quarter visits.

An 8th visit: the interview of the 4th month

Called officially an individual interview of the 4th month, this appointment with a midwife or a gynecologist is systematically proposed to the pregnant woman or to the couple. Unlike the other 7 consultations, it is not mandatory, but advised.

The maintenance of the 4th month.