A flashy recipe (Wondersevy)

A flashy recipe (Wondersevy)

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Even at the very beginning of diversification one can make this recipe:


  • Weigh according to the age and needs of the child: carrot and red pepper. A little semolina. Chicken (depending on age).


Steam to keep a maximum of vitamins. Then mix everything. For the starchy food: recover some cooking water and prepare some semolina (make it swell well). As the carrot / pepper mixture is sometimes liquid, do not hesitate to recover this juice. Everything is very sweet and as they are sweet vegetables babies should love (my son was ravolait). I had to eat without fat and salt for my baby but sometimes a little parsley (rich in iron ...) When they are entitled to meat, it's very good with chicken ... I warn you in advance: this gives a very characteristic orange color to the stools of babies !! Do not worry !