Name Jelena - Meaning of origin

Name Jelena - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Jelena is a derivative of the first name Hélène.


Jelena de Zadar was the wife of King Mihajlo Kresimir II. She was Queen of Croatia from 946 to 969.
Jelena Lijep was Zvonimir's wife. She acceded to the throne of Croatia in 1075.
Jelena from Serbia was a princess.
Jelena Dokić is an Australian tennis player.
Jelena Genčić was a Serbian tennis coach.
Jelena Gruba was a Queen of Bosnia.
Jelena Jensen is an American actress.
Jelena Karleuša is a Serbian singer.
Jelena Veljaca is a Croatian actress.

His character :

Jelena is aggressive in her actions and in her speech. Those who do not know her perceive this behavior as proof of insolence. This woman to mingle with everything and anything, without taking into account the opinion of others. Lack of respect or excessive boldness, this attitude has nothing without embarrassment and in reality due to a versatile character. Jelenagene besides his entourage without realizing it.

Sure of her, Jelena is a difficult person to persuade. She does not hesitate to express disapproval in case of need. Whatever the obstacles, it will stubbornly achieve its goals, off the beaten path if necessary. Endowed with an authoritarian character, she likes to impose herself, but does not appreciate receiving orders. Nevertheless, she will make a good friend for those who manage to accept her as she is. Thus, Jelena's parents will have to be firm so that she learns to temper her temper.


Helen, Jelenah and Helenaah.

His party :

The Jelena have no known holiday in the calendar.

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