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Tobo 3-6, an emag to test ... and adopt!

Tobo 3-6, an emag to test ... and adopt!

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This coming back, the very first emag for children from 3 to 6 years old is coming to your computers and tablets! With its rhymes, educational games and fun documentaries, Tobo 3-6 is an interactive magazine specially designed and designed for little fingers. To try and ... adopt!

Tobo 3-6, what is it?

  • This is the new version of Toboclic published by Milan Presse: a weekly version for children from 3 to 6 years old. Every Wednesday, your child will receive on his Mac, PC or iPad his interactive magazine. In summary, a documentary to explore at your fingertips, an educational game, a nursery rhyme karaoke and a comic. That's 20 minutes of interactivity every week!

Why are you going to love?

  • Because it is an emag specially designed for your children: the content was written by professionals of multimedia writing in collaboration with educational leaders. Simple but not simplistic explanations, an intuitive navigation designed for them and content renewed every week.
  • Because it's a smart activity! Thanks to its emag, your child will have fun but also arouse his curiosity. He will be a player in his discoveries and learnings: choose in which order to address the different topics, click here or there ... He will take the time to explore this universe, to experiment and to have fun. We learn so much better when we have fun!
  • Because Tobo 3-6 offers children to navigate independently in a secure world: no ads, no risk that your child ends up on other sites.

Why will he love?

  • Because it's interactive! Click here or there, to see the images to take life under the impulse of his little fingers gives him the impression to act on the world. And he likes that!
  • Because he can find each week AVNI, a Really Unidentified Animal, in new adventures. This facetious little hero lives stories in which he can identify, but not quite ... Because AVNI can deform his body at will! And in Tobo 3-6, AVNI and his friends come to life: the bubbles light up as they are read by comedians.
  • Because, like you, he will be able to read his magazine on the tablet or the computer: to be astonished or to marvel at a discovery, to play, and even to sing in karaoke a tender and animated nursery rhyme. It's so good to feel great!

Try Tobo 3-6 for free for 1 month.