On the road of holidays

On the road of holidays

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Your holiday program? Idleness at the water's edge, thrills in the grass and games with your little devils. But before you fan your fingers and drape your pretty sarong, do the shadowless holiday checklist on the board.


DOSSIER: Safety in the car, do not neglect anything

Is it soon the departure on vacation with your little family and you will take the road by car? Choice and installation of the car seat, luggage loading, belt buckling, GPS, traffic jams ... all our safety and well-being advice for the trip to proceed smoothly.

Tips, quizzes, video: ride quiet!

Holiday location: think security

This year, have you decided to rent or spend your holidays in a house that is not yours? Do not neglect security. All our advice.

Security in the program.

Train, plane or car?

Chic, this is the holidays! Airplane, car or train? To each its advantages. Common objective ? A very safe trip for your little one. Our advice and tips for a comfortable and serene trip.

Each means of transport has its advantages.

This is his first trip!

Your toddler will know his first big start? Plane, train, car, our advice to travel with him in all serenity. Ready, Set ?

Holidays, let's go!

Occupy them on the road

On the road of the holidays, hard not to be bored! Here are some tips to kill the time that passes so slowly by car.


Go abroad with peace of mind

This year, it is abroad that you intend to spend your holidays? The French Society of Pediatrics, the SFP, reminds you of its latest recommendations for a great summer. Some simple steps to respect especially if you take your budding globetrotter abroad!

Our advice before departure.