Suites of diapers: 6 useful tips

Suites of diapers: 6 useful tips

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The few weeks following your delivery should be given special attention. For your organization, but also for your morale. Here is what you need to know absolutely.

1. Physiology

  • After giving birth, your body needs at least ten weeks of "recovery" to recover and a minimum of three months to be in good shape. Rest as much as possibleDo not wear anything heavier than your baby.
  • Also be aware that several short walks are more beneficial than a long walk.

2. Time use

  • Returning home is not a return to working life. Enjoy your baby: the first months are precious and irreplaceable. Delegate, if you can, cleaning, cooking, shopping. Keep only the tasks that make you happy.

3. Nutrition

  • Pregnancy and childbirth have reduced your nutritional reserves. The postnatal period is a crucial moment to compensate for imbalances and replenish the stock ... Eat balanced, opt for fresh produce and continue for at least three months to take the vitamin and mineral supplements prescribed during pregnancy.

4. Line

  • The body's metabolism slows down to allow it to expend its energy to recover from childbirth. It burns fat much less efficiently. If you have kept a few extra pounds, wait three months before starting a diet. To undertake it before would be useless.

5. Sexuality

  • The resumption of sexual intercourse can only be done in a gentle and gradual way. Know that it takes six weeks for the cervix to heal completely. If you breastfeed, prolactin - the hormone that makes milk - delays the onset of desire and therefore pleasure.

6. Contraception

  • As ovulation is always possible, even when you are breastfeeding, contraception is necessary. Until the return of diapers (reappearance of the rules around forty-five days when you give the bottle and between ten and twelve weeks if you are breastfeeding), only two methods of contraception are possible: the progestogen micropill and local contraception (condoms or spermicides).