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His dad is often away

His dad is often away

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Your child is just getting out of bed and his dad is already on the doorstep, ready to go to work. A kiss and ... see you tomorrow. How will their relationship be built if they see so little?

His daddy misses him

  • The image of his father being little present in your child, he can react by merging too much with you. The risk then lies in the construction of an excessive emotional, emotional and symbolic proximity between mother and child.
  • This lack of father-child contact can weaken you, especially if you suffer from this absence. Sometimes a mother dissatisfied with this situation does not express it and her child perceives it.
  • This situation often arises for professional reasons, it is important for your child to know and feel proud. Explain to your toddler that his dad's job is important and that, even if it takes him away for several days or coming back late at night, he loves his child very much.

How to compensate for the absence of his dad?

  • It is important to maintain contact in the absence of one's father. Your child will look forward to the phone call or email that you, his mom, will read.
  • For his dad, it's about finding the right balance. On the one hand, build a bond with your child, and on the other hand, find your father's place. By phone, by mail, by postcards if it leaves long and far, and by gifts sent by post.
  • Talk to him often about his dad. By the word, you make it present in the eyes of your child. Whether telling him anecdotes about his father or pointing out to him from time to time that he looks a lot like him.
  • There must be people around you who can relay you. Girl or boy, your child will always benefit from the presence of grandparents, a godfather, an uncle, who know his father well and can evoke it. Without replacing him, they will play the supporting role, especially if your child feels insecure about not seeing his daddy often.

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