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Back to the nursery school: the first year of school

Back to the nursery school: the first year of school

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Your child enters a small kindergarten section? The Apple of Api magazine offers you a primer to read and download keywords to know to accompany him throughout his first year of school. And ensure the return of your little one in all serenity ... or almost!


  • Five small letters to designate the specialized territorial agent of nursery schools. "The lady who helps the mistress", say the children! Or, more simply, Chantal or Auntie. The Atsem is the "maid clean": it repairs pee accidents, accompanies small students to the toilet, shows them how to wash their hands and flies small noses that flow. A key and reassuring character of daily life in kindergarten.


  • What pride to eat at the table with friends! During this time of day in the canteen, a child shares much more than food with others: also laughter and antics. A true complicity is woven. Eating outside the house is also an opportunity to discover new dishes and new tastes.


  • Facing the unknown with this little companion stuffed or fabric that smells good the smell of the house, what a comfort! In general, cuddly toys are allowed in kindergarten, provided that the little students put them in the "stuffed box" on arrival and until the nap time.


  • Two to three times a year, the teacher presents the parents with their child's assessment booklet: a list of skills for which she felt they were acquired, in the process of being acquired or strengthened. A very useful tool to know where is his child, how he progresses. Especially an opportunity to congratulate him and encourage him!


  • "The mistress, she said ..." The word of the teacher, it's not nothing for a child! Soon, she becomes a real star to which he wants to please. Sharing it with other students is not easy. Nor to hear her parents criticize her ...


  • Rounds, dance, body language, motor skills (the child goes under a bench, through a hoop ...): in kindergarten, movement is at the center of learning! Ideal to learn to better control his actions, fine tune his balance, become familiar with concepts like "above, below", experiment with his body curves, straight lines.


  • When entering a small kindergarten section, language levels are very heterogeneous. A child who is not yet a good speaker will progress very quickly: to make efforts to speak better is the only way for him to be understood by the mistress and the friends. A motivation that he does not necessarily have at home where his parents sometimes understand him without even having to open his mouth!


  • In the dormitory where their little beds are waiting for a nap, Atsem helps the children to remove the shoes and clothes that are squeezing a bit too much. Equipped with their blanket and some of their lollipop, they just have to fall asleep! Not always easy, far from home and parents ... A caress, a sweet song, the Atsem has more than one trick in his bag to appease the most anxious.


  • Even if everything goes through play in kindergarten, small students do not provide a real job! They classify the forks of the dinette on one side, the knives on the other? They make categories. They thread beads alternating a red, a green, a yellow? They are initiated as a logical result. They learn to recognize the label of their first name? They become familiar with the written word.

"Ze want to go to school!"

  • An "interdental stigma"! It is the scholarly name of the widespread "hair on the tongue", a pronunciation defect that does not compromise the learning. Without asking for repetition or exacting perfection, it is enough, just to allow the progression of the child, to show the correct articulation.

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Isabelle Gravillon for Apple of Api, notebook Parents: "His first return to kindergarten from A to Z"

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