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What security at recess?

What security at recess?

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Recess, the best time of the day for the little ones! The schoolyard becomes the place to experiment all kinds of games, the most intimate confidences, but also waterfalls and fights. Surveillance and security are therefore required.

In small section, are the young are not brutalized by the biggest at the recess?

  • At the beginning of the year, the playground is often scary for the little ones, surprised to see the "big" of 5 years run in all directions, screaming, jostling them and even fighting between them! The greater the number of children in the yard, the more likely the problem will be. That is why some kindergarten children opt for staggered recreations, especially at the beginning of the year, the time for a gradual adaptation of small.
  • The ideal is a courtyard with different play areas and spaces reserved for specific activities: structures to climb, toboggans to slide, a corner to ride a bike or a scooter ... Without these facilities, children end up bored and the games of hands end in real fights. However, this time allows the child to move and spend, activities beneficial to his health. The role of teachers is essential. They monitor, intervene if problems between children arise, remind the interdicts and arbitrate conflicts.

What is the duration of the texts?

  • In the official texts of the National Education, recreations are defined as "educational times organized and operated in this perspective by those who are responsible". These same texts frame the schedules assigned to it: 15 minutes per half day in elementary and 15 to 30 minutes per half day in kindergarten. The teaching teams are free to fix the time of the recess. Dressing and bathing times are, in principle, included in these durations determined but, in winter, the 3 years old are still a bit slow to put on coat, gloves and cap ... Learn to dress, it takes time, especially as teachers find that children know less and less to put on their own coat.

Who's watching the recess? Are the staff trained?

  • It is the school teachers who supervise the recreation. The teaching team meets at the pre-entry, one or two days before that of the children, and decides on this monitoring. Most of the time, teachers set up bearings for different recess, for the day or for the week. In some schools, each teacher has an eye on his class. When the numbers are large and the yard small, the recesses can be shifted.

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