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Which high chair to choose?

Which high chair to choose?

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As soon as your young gourmand begins to eat small pots, put it in a high chair. It will be better installed and you more comfortable to feed it. Matter, comfort, security: the points to check.

1. Bet on the stability of the high chair

To check the height of the high chair, make sure that the base area of ​​the chair (feet) is wider than the seat. Stable on the ground, it will not move.

  • Council +: better to repeat it a hundred times, never leave your child alone while sitting in his chair!

2. Think security

Your little rooster will stay properly tied up during his meal in his chair if he is properly fastened with a seatbelt. The presence of a harness is mandatory.

  • Council +: Do not forget to fasten your crotch strap, if your chair has one, to prevent slipping.

Also check that the chair does not present any risk of pinching or cutting, especially if it is a multifunction model.

3. Opt for the norm

A quality highchair must have the EN 1498 standard on the label, which means that it meets safety standards.

4. Choose a model that suits your needs and tastes

Wood or plastic? Everything is mostly a matter of taste! Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The wooden high chair is solid, timeless, but also often heavy and bulky. The plastic chairs, they are often more comfortable and offer a more nice design.

  • Council +: a simple highchair will only be used for a short time. It's worth choosing an evolutionary model that will follow the age and growth of your child.

5. Do not forget the comfort

Equipped with a cushion of seat, the high chair will offer a good support to your child. The tablet will also allow him to play while waiting, while his meal is ready.

  • Council +: check that the cushion and the shelf are removable and washable because, very quickly, the high chair will turn into crumb nest and other food pellets when your toddler will play with the food.

6. Think about the practical side

A folding high chair model can be carried to your grandmother's house for the weekend, stalled behind the fridge or easily stow away in the cellar, waiting for a future use.

  • Council +: teach your all-rounder that you do not play with your high chair, even when it is stowed.

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