Slavic names: Nikita, Ossia, Anouchka, Alyosha, Boris ...

Slavic names: Nikita, Ossia, Anouchka, Alyosha, Boris ...

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Head to Russia! If you want a little Slavic wind for your future baby, quickly discover our selection. Nikita, Ossia, Anouchka, Alyosha, Boris ...: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about these names.


  • First name mixed.
  • From the Greek words "nike" and "laos", it means victorious people. This is the Russian form of Nicolas.
  • It's a name that can be found mainly in Russia and Romania. It is used in the feminine outside the Slavic countries.
  • Many Russian personalities have taken this name. Nikita Khrushchev, who led the USSR during the Cold War. It is also the title of a famous film by Luc Besson.
  • His party : December 6th with Nicolas.
  • Its derivative: Nichita.


  • Male first name.
  • From Hebrew "hosea" which means the savior, it is a name that one finds mainly in Russia. Ossia is also a term used in music. It's an original name idea for your baby.
  • His party : September 9th.
  • Its derivative: Iossi.

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