Name Romain - Meaning of origin

Name Romain - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Latin romanuswhich means originated from Rome. In ancient times the word Romanus meant the inhabitants of Rome.


Five Eastern emperors bore this name in the tenth and eleventh centuries.

The actor Romain Durys (the Anacœur, the Spanish inn), the Roman writer Gary (The roots of the sky, the life in front of oneself), the car driver Romain Grosjean, the footballer Romain Hamouma ...

In the fifth century, Saint Romain abandoned his family to become a hermit in the Jura. He found refuge under a large solitary fir tree and sowed the soil with seeds he had brought. He lived thus from his crops.

His character :

Sullen, often reckless, Roman is lively and very open-minded. He loves to be in the company of others and knows how to be very generous.


Roman, Romans, Romero, Römer.

His party :

The Romans are celebrated on February 28th.

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