Name Rodrigue - Meaning and origin

Name Rodrigue - Meaning and origin

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Spanish form of Rodéric, composed of hrod, "the glory" and rik, "the chief".
Winner of the Moors in the eleventh century, Rodrigue de Bivar, served as a model for Cid de Corneille. A heroic destiny that allowed this name to be widespread in the Iberian Peninsula. It has continued unabated, spreading throughout Latin America. St. Rodriguez was, in the ninth century, under the Moslem occupation, a Christian of Cordova ordained priest in secret. He was denounced by his brother, converted to Islam, and put to death in 857.
The Rodrigues are celebrated on March 13th.
His derivatives: Rod, Roddie, Roddy, Rodrigues, Rodriguez, Rodrogo, Roerich, Roerick.

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