Maeva Name - Meaning and Origin

Maeva Name - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:

Canaques, Hawaiians, Polynesians, Tahitians

Meaning of the name:

In Canaan language, means "welcome". The name Maéva came from New Caledonia, passing through Tahiti before joining us. A name that invites you to travel ...


French singer and actress Maeva Meline, Polish singer Ewa Farna, Latvian model Ieva Laguna, and Polish stateswoman Ewa Kopacz.

Maeva is celebrated on the day of the saint ... Welcome, a very pious Italian, who died in 1292.

His character :

Maeva is a realist who has great inner strength and is not easily discouraged. She has a great practical sense that helps her to be independent. Very intelligent, she is also responsible and is trustworthy in all circumstances. During childhood, Maeva can be difficult. Its independent character makes it resistant to any form of authority. Also, do not hesitate to be firm with her while resorting to gentleness. Fortunately, his rebellious attitude is counterbalanced by his sense of responsibility and justice. If she constantly has something to look after, then Maeva will be happy.


Ewa, Ieva, Jeva, Maevia, Maiva, Mayva, Maeve, Maheva, Maewa.

His party :

The Maeva are celebrated on October 30th or September 6th.

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