Lona Meaning - Origin and Names

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This charming Indian name for woman refers to a person always carried forward, that is to say a woman who goes without hesitation.


Lona Cohen, whose real name is Leontine Theresa Cohen, was an American spy assigned to the Soviet Union for her missions. She was a trainer at the KGB High School.
Lona Rita is an artist, author and music composer who has produced several beautiful melodies.

His character :

As an extrovert, Lona believes that in community happiness must be shared. In society as in family, she is inclined to give as well as receive. Lona is undeniably the kind of person everyone would like to have at her side. Carried away by her joie de vivre, this young woman encourages both her partner and her children to open up more to others in order to blossom fully. The particularity of Lona undoubtedly lies in its sense of human fraternity very developed. She is by nature very generous towards her relatives. In her life, she likes to offer gifts to those around her as a sign of affection. Pleasure is for Lona an immense source of satisfaction. As a family, Lona is very concerned about the well-being of her partner and her children. She spends a lot of time looking after her home in her spare time by making pastries, pastries or preparing good meals. She aspires to lead an orderly life to ensure her fulfillment. Concretely, Lona is content with what she has to conceive of her happiness.


Lola, Louna, Iona and Loïna.

His party :

There is no known date for Lona.

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